Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I left the house around 3:30 pm. My dad  dropped me to the airport. Bella didn’t want to kiss me but she waved goodbye to me. When were already in on the road did I just remember that I only had 200 pesos in my wallet! Thank you BPI for your internet banking service!

I bid my goodbyes then dashed off the entrance of NAIA Terminal 1. Emirates Counter was on the left side. There were no queues so check-in was a breeze. So was the immigration part. The only queue was the take-off part. It took us 30 minutes before our plane was given the go signal to take off. We need a bigger airport now! I don’t mind travelling to Clark if the airport will be transferred there. Seriously. BIGGER. AIRPORT. 

I was seated on the aisle. Good thing my rowmates to the left were women, they used the restroom once only and at the same time. I think they are OFWs. I heard them talking about their years of work in Dubai while trying to watch John Carter.  I wasn’t able to finish any of the movies in the in-flight entertainment. I just finished one episode of Friends.

The dinner was either pan fried cream dory or roasted chicken. I chose the roasted chicken. It was okay. I loved the baked potatoes that was served with the chicken. After eating, I was falling asleep! Baboy lang!!! I did that again when the snacks were served. I fell asleep right after eating the sandwich. When I woke up, my tray was gone! Baboy talagaaaa.  The flight lasted for 8 hours.

At the Dubai International Airport, everything is big:  runway, planes, the airport itself. I love the structure of the airport, a lot of lines and different perspectives. A lot of glass too!

It was a long walk from the security check to  Gate 211. As I was walking to Gate 211, I noticed a lot of Filipinos working as sales attendant at Duty Free. They were speaking in Filipino while there were no customers to attend to.

The internet connection at DBX sucked big time! I had to leech off from an unsecured network “masxpot”.

My rowmates on my left during the second flight were a Thai lady and an English Lady. I remember we were all sleeping before the plane took off.  I woke up and learned that we were 4000+ feet already. I missed the take-off. I finally finished watching Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close after 3 attempts.  My rowmate on my right was an English man. I think he’s metal. He has a piercing on his lower lip. He wore a black polo and a black blazer white trousers and snickers. He wore his hair up to his chin and he has moustache. And he was listening to his iPod. 

The flight attendant gave arrival cards for non-UK Citizens. The flight lasted about 7 hours. My ass!

Immigration was a breeze but the baggage claiming took forever. And then I saw my mommy and Dave!

Alas, Hello there UK! 

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  1. no self portrait? haha Have fun Vitzka and keep updating! :-D