Saturday, March 21, 2015

First of Sorts - My First Corporate Job

Since second half of 2014, I have been looking for a job. A corporate job to be exact. I was still doing freelance to at least help me get through the months, but I needed a more steady income. I wasn't getting any interviews. I did get some but there were no follow-ups. Yes, I did get discouraged but my friends kept on telling me that it wasn't the hiring season. I just kept on applying. 

To make matters worse, I was the talk of my family. They kept asking me why I still don't have a job. I DID have a job. I was a freelance artist. FREELANCE. They wanted a more stable job for me. 

Enter the 2nd day of 2015, I was online, logged in at a website, submitting my CV to every possible company. Lo and behold, I did get three interviews from three different companies in two weeks. The third interview, well, I did not waste any opportunity. I was offered a position.  I took it. 

On my very first day of work, I was immediately asked to design something. Right then and there, I was working. Sinabak ako agad!  Events, flyers, posters, FB covers, ticket designs, PR, meetings, FGDs.  Every thing was being thrown at me and I have been accepting it. 

There was no period of adjustment. As days go by, I learn the politics, the style, the profile, my teammates. Everything! Crazy! 

But boy, when I got my first salary, nothing beats that! I just have to level up, to ask for more, to exceed my expectation and theirs too.

So, I shall update, my non-existent readers. I missed this. Writing. I wish I could pour out everything here. I could if I have the courage to do so. But now, let me get my well-deserved sleep because tomorrow, it's a brand new day, full of possibilites, full of hope, and full of happiness.

Goodnight unto you all! 

p.s. I am beginning to get the hang of it, this corporate life. I think. :) 

Clear as a water

Where do you pick up the pieces after making that decision? A decision that has been long overdue. 

Maybe pick my camera again. That's a good start. or Maybe a Tanduay...

Tomorrow's a new day! 

Saturday, March 14, 2015


It has been quite a while since I last wrote something in this blog. Maybe I should do a makeover for this blog. So many things has happened since September. A lot of heartaches and yearning. Nevertheless, I know I'll be okay. :)