Sunday, March 31, 2013

Birthday Wishlist

So it is almost April, my birthday month. Eeeeeek! But I tell you how I feel about turning a year older, here's my birthday wishlist :)

1. Have my cameras repaired so I can do this with my TLR 

2. "It was love at first sight"

3. Lotsa films!!

3. A turntable

4. A bicycle

5. A swatch watch

6. This one's impossible but nonetheless, a day at Tate Modern and National Gallery or a whole week in London would be really, really nice!


Friday, March 29, 2013

March Madness

So many things (i think) happened this month that I keep on forgetting (neglecting) to blog about it.

I finally started working as an executive assistant. I officially started during Art in the Park. Art in the Park was such a blast. It rained in the afternoon but the sky was clear as the sea. I wished I had lots of money to buy artworks. Buying artworks is such a huge investment especially when the artwork you bought is from an upcoming artist. Plus, Art in the Park participants sell artworks at a maximum of Php 30,000. Not bad, if you're able to buy works from Mark Justiniani, Marika Constantino and Iggy Rodriguez to name a few.

I met a guy during a job interview. Turned out, one of my bosses went to school with him. Old, right? He kept on texting me and calling me. I found out that he's married and even has two kids. Ano ako? No other woman?? But two of my highschool kabarkada told me to keep it going until I get something from him for the sheer fun and experience. Those two crazy girls!! But of course, I knew better. I stopped replying to his texts and then he stopped texting me.;)

Almost of my friends have jobs, my college friends! Pat on the back my friends!!!! Good job! Almost a year of being a bum but the wait is totally worth it. Especially for me, I turned down two job offers before I accepted this one.

I think I've completely gotten over the UK phase of withdrawals. I sometimes do wish I was still there but a visit there again can totally wait. I am ready to move on and give Manila what it truly deserves. 

And oh! I love being single! Sometimes, I do miss having someone to talk to or go out with but the freedom of doing anything you like without having to tell it to him, what a huge relief!! And I do get to hang out with my friends more often which I totally missed. When I get married, if I EVER get married, I am going to retain my maiden name! So anti-macho for my future husband, if ever there's one. But I mean why do women have to follow the norms? Don't let me get started!

Well, that's my March! Not really a madness. But better than February! So tomorrow, April, my birthday month! I am scared out of my wits! That is reserve for another post.

Monday, March 4, 2013

I got a job!

Last week was quite a whirlwind of events. Monday, I had job interview for the position of gallery assistant. Tuesday, I got a call from them that they are offering the job position. I readily accepted the offer via phone. Wednesday, I visited my teacher's studio. He had a surprise for me. They were offering me a job. Thursday, I turned down the offer of the first company. I texted my teacher after I turned down the offer that "I am in!!!!"

It boiled down to career and passion. I want to be part of the local art scene. I want to learn from people who inspire me and who will guide me to pursue what I want . The people I am going to work with are brutally honest, very smart, and very down to earth. I am actually afraid and excited to work with them. 

I'll be part of the curatorial team under four heavy names in the art industry. I will keep you posted guys!