Thursday, November 26, 2015

Get your updates! Updates!

So.. Hi, my non-existent readers. As I write this, I am also trying to write two texts about two events for our newsletter.

First things first, I just got regularized! Wooot! I think a reward is in order, perhaps Giniling bracelets by Natalya L. Anyway, I was in probation for 3 months before I got regularized. It was a long wait and so  much negativity, but I just kept going. So here it is! :)

Second, I went to Bicol twice this month. The second time was Calaguas. First time was in Albay. And oh boy, both places were a treat! The majestic Mayon captivated me. I couldn't stop looking at it. Every chance I get, I look at the Mayon with so much awe. Calaguas was  different. Different in a sense that I could actually picture myself camping for more days and wouldnt mind if communication was cut off. It was all experiential. Probably next stop, Visayas for my Birthday!! Weeeee!

 Hmmmm Third, hmmmm I need to start taking photos. Yes, I am whining again.

That's it, pancit!

PS hate Christmas