Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Highlights in my 11-year stay at St. Scholastica's College

Yesterday marked the feast day of St. Scholastica. In honor of her, (I know, I should be doing this during the school's foundation day. But I'm in a reminscing mood now.), I will tell you about the highlights of my stay at St.Scho Manila. 

Prep St. Reinildis - I made my first class cut at the tender young age of 6 years old! 

1 St. Clotsindis and 2 St. Willibald - I sorry, I cant even remember what happened here. LOL It will come to me in the coming days. 

3 St. Milburga - My first time to join a 3-day long trip to Ilocos Region. Fort Ilocandia Baby! I learned that I should open my camera when there's film inside, otherwise, Kodak will note "Exposed Film" in the package

4 St. Placid - I was asked to step out of the classroom because I was giving hand signals to my friend. First time to be part of the "star section". A Christmas Nightingale performace!!! 

5 St. Lioba - I met my future bestfriend. I was part of the class' volleyball team but didn't play during the intramurals. Number 5! Another 3-day trip to Baguio! 

6 St. Berno - Almost landed ingrade 7 but the universe did something, or the admin did some exemptions. whew!! A Midsummer Night's Dream, crazy production with  crazy issues. I learned not to comb my hair in public. It's cheap daw kasi.

1-A  I met my barkada for 7 years and counting.

2-I The whole year smelled like onion. HAHAHA!!  My first ever stage performance with me as one of main characters during the Afro-Asian Festival. Indiaaaa!! My class was shaken by Mr. Isidro's shout with matching banging on the table just because of the Dynastic Cyle and Fashion Cycle. Velcro! 

3-Assertiveness 3-ASS in short. These classmates of mine taught me how to ride the bicycle on the CCP grounds. Opened my eyes to the new world! LOL. I went to Boracay for the first time with most of my barkada! F4 invasion! 

4-Order One of the most disorder classes  of batch 2005, if not, the most teachers who walked out on us. Two of my "bestfriends" left me, one got pregnant, the other had to move to US. DC me, being Veyonce!! 

It was a good 11 years, I must say. 

Monday, February 3, 2014


Something has changed. It's like the spell that was casted upon me was finally broken. Maybe it was Maningning Miclat's poem and Warsan Shire's poem that helped me to actually see. Or time broke the spell. Or it was both. Or the realization that I am Vitzka! Stop doing these things to yourself! 

Thank you, you two,for being a cruel part of my life.