Wednesday, January 29, 2014

last words

I was reconsidering last night if I shall continue to ride the bus going home from Cubao. Last night, the bus ride home gave me one thing to think about: death. 

I sit beside windows when I ride the bus especially if it's a long one. Last night, I hopped in a JRMS bus because I really wanted to go home already. Usually, I would wait for an air-conditioned bus. But last night, I hopped in the third "decent" Bicutan-bound bus. To cut the story short, I moved away from the window seat three times int the entire trip because I thought those three times will cause a collision and I will die or suffer first before dying.

So after that three close encounters to accidents, it got me thinking what would be my initial reaction if I was caught in a bus-related accident. My first instinct would be protect myself using my trust backpack. Second, I'd probably, if i have a  few seconds to spare, I would position myself under the seats of the bus. Third and last, I would probably hold on to the railings. Stupid, I know. 

And then it hit me. I remember Sir Jef, one of my bosses, told me he's going to be involved in an head on collision, he would remove his seatbelt, and embrace the impact. And I thought, I'll do the same thing. I'll embrace the impact. No more agonies, no more pain. Instant death.

And this is where it gets interesting, if you know you are about to die and you have few seconds of life, what would be your last words? 

I thought about that too while riding the bus. I was contemplating between uttering,  I'm sorry and  I love you Mum. I was like, too dramatic. But then I it hit me. I found the perfect two-word for my last seconds of my life. 

Thank you. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014