Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I left the house around 3:30 pm. My dad  dropped me to the airport. Bella didn’t want to kiss me but she waved goodbye to me. When were already in on the road did I just remember that I only had 200 pesos in my wallet! Thank you BPI for your internet banking service!

I bid my goodbyes then dashed off the entrance of NAIA Terminal 1. Emirates Counter was on the left side. There were no queues so check-in was a breeze. So was the immigration part. The only queue was the take-off part. It took us 30 minutes before our plane was given the go signal to take off. We need a bigger airport now! I don’t mind travelling to Clark if the airport will be transferred there. Seriously. BIGGER. AIRPORT. 

I was seated on the aisle. Good thing my rowmates to the left were women, they used the restroom once only and at the same time. I think they are OFWs. I heard them talking about their years of work in Dubai while trying to watch John Carter.  I wasn’t able to finish any of the movies in the in-flight entertainment. I just finished one episode of Friends.

The dinner was either pan fried cream dory or roasted chicken. I chose the roasted chicken. It was okay. I loved the baked potatoes that was served with the chicken. After eating, I was falling asleep! Baboy lang!!! I did that again when the snacks were served. I fell asleep right after eating the sandwich. When I woke up, my tray was gone! Baboy talagaaaa.  The flight lasted for 8 hours.

At the Dubai International Airport, everything is big:  runway, planes, the airport itself. I love the structure of the airport, a lot of lines and different perspectives. A lot of glass too!

It was a long walk from the security check to  Gate 211. As I was walking to Gate 211, I noticed a lot of Filipinos working as sales attendant at Duty Free. They were speaking in Filipino while there were no customers to attend to.

The internet connection at DBX sucked big time! I had to leech off from an unsecured network “masxpot”.

My rowmates on my left during the second flight were a Thai lady and an English Lady. I remember we were all sleeping before the plane took off.  I woke up and learned that we were 4000+ feet already. I missed the take-off. I finally finished watching Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close after 3 attempts.  My rowmate on my right was an English man. I think he’s metal. He has a piercing on his lower lip. He wore a black polo and a black blazer white trousers and snickers. He wore his hair up to his chin and he has moustache. And he was listening to his iPod. 

The flight attendant gave arrival cards for non-UK Citizens. The flight lasted about 7 hours. My ass!

Immigration was a breeze but the baggage claiming took forever. And then I saw my mommy and Dave!

Alas, Hello there UK! 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

World Gets Dull

My friend Trisha wrote and sang this lovely song.
World Gets Dull

I wish I could bring everyone I love with me. So I don't have to bring home 4 English men and an English Lady.

I've decided to let go of the barako.  I can always  buy from Agape.

On a stupid note, I got this this morning. There are two more bruises on my rib cage. I  thought I was going to break my leg and rib cage when I hit the door and the rocking chair! I live!

Anxiety Attack

Twenty six hours to go before I leave for United Kingdom, I am still buying things my mom made bilin. It has been a stressful week going back and forth to malls, groceries, dress shops and drugstores.

My titas just learned that I will be leaving tomorrow. They are frantically buying hopia and ube pastillas.

I have to make  a shopping list for my dad and brother for the monthly food marketing. Leaving two grown men makes me anxious. I do not know if they will fill the freezer with meat, chicken and fish. I am not sure if Arie will clean the bathroom.

I'll be parting with my french press for a while together with my arabica. The barako, I want to hold on it for my sentimental self.  I was supposed to give it to Camz. 

I still haven't decided on what heels to bring. I just need a pair.

My backpack's ready for my laptop and cameras. Arie accompanied me to Town and we ate at Banapple. I still prefer Conti's chicken pie.

I haven't fixed my iTunes and I still haven't bought new earphones.

My line is still cut.

I did not run this week. 

I haven't slept yet.

Twenty five hours to go before I leave. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Gimme some love

Hi there! If you are not doing anything, drop by at Big Bad Wolf. I am having 12 of my photographs shown there. It runs until August 23, Thursday!  Check it out! 

Big Bad Wolf is located at Fairways Tower, McKinley Rd. cor 5th Ave, BGC, Taguig.
It is open from 10:00am to 2:00am. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012


I was supposed to get a Schengen visa. Since  I am already in Europe and every country is very accessible via road or train, why not visit some of them. Sadly, due to time constraints, I wasn't able to get one.

Come to think of it, Paris can really wait for a few more years <3

Au revoir! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Getting a UK Visa

Since last year, I have been preparing my documents for my UK Family Visit visa. I was supposed to visit my mum and her husband, who are my sponsors for my UK trip, by the way, last November but was moved to this year.

So first thing you have to do is gather all supporting documents. One important document that you must have is the invitation letter from your sponsor. That was the first one they asked for when I submitted my documents.  

Make sure to photocopy all supporting documents.  Include the original documents. It will be returned when you claim your visa or if you choose the deliver option, it will be delivered to your doorstep along with your visa.

Go to UK Border Agency and apply online.
(The application procedure last May2012 is now different as of today, August 11,2012)

Once you’ve finished applying online, book an appointment  in order to submit your  documents at VFS-Global Philippines. 

You pay the visa fee of Php5460 either at Unionbank in Kingswood Vito Cruz or at VFS-Global in Ecoplaza, Pasong Tamo Ext. 

Go to your appointment 30 minutes before. The queu might be long. My appointment was at 11am and I finished around 2pm. But once  your documents have been collected, you just wait for your name to be called for biometric  and electronic signature. Then viola! The agony of waiting comes upon you. 

By the way, you can claim your visa at the VFS office or have it delivered at your house. Claiming it cost Php140 for the texting fee and delivery costs around Php400. Just bring extra cash. 

I received a text that my visa is ready for pick, two weeks prior submitting everything. 

For more information visit UK Border Agency Philippines and VFS Global Philippines

Friday, August 10, 2012

First of Sorts

Hi! My name is Vitzka. I’ve been watching travel shows like Travelers and Lonely Planet (now: Globe Trekker)  since I was in 3rd grade . From then on, I considered myself as a traveller, writing down what sights to see and food to eat for my future travels.
I said to myself that I will explore the Philippines first then Southeast Asia then Asia then the rest of the world.  At 24, the farthest I’ve been to in the north is Ilocos and Saranggani Province in the south. Further than that, the cable TV has been my window to my homeland confinement.

I’ve never been outside the Philippines. Not even once. But this August 2012, I’ll be flying to Great Britain for a vacation, my first trip out of the country.  

Words cannot describe how I am looking forward  to this foreign land called United Kingdom.

First of Sorts has convened.