Saturday, August 25, 2012

Anxiety Attack

Twenty six hours to go before I leave for United Kingdom, I am still buying things my mom made bilin. It has been a stressful week going back and forth to malls, groceries, dress shops and drugstores.

My titas just learned that I will be leaving tomorrow. They are frantically buying hopia and ube pastillas.

I have to make  a shopping list for my dad and brother for the monthly food marketing. Leaving two grown men makes me anxious. I do not know if they will fill the freezer with meat, chicken and fish. I am not sure if Arie will clean the bathroom.

I'll be parting with my french press for a while together with my arabica. The barako, I want to hold on it for my sentimental self.  I was supposed to give it to Camz. 

I still haven't decided on what heels to bring. I just need a pair.

My backpack's ready for my laptop and cameras. Arie accompanied me to Town and we ate at Banapple. I still prefer Conti's chicken pie.

I haven't fixed my iTunes and I still haven't bought new earphones.

My line is still cut.

I did not run this week. 

I haven't slept yet.

Twenty five hours to go before I leave. 

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  1. 24 hours before departure and you still haven't fixed your playlist?! Hope you were able to do so as it is a travel essential. Have fun there! Can't wait for the photos! Pakisskiss! ♥

    On a side note, why dint you put up a wordpress instead? Boo you, I can't follow you tuloy.