Friday, August 10, 2012

First of Sorts

Hi! My name is Vitzka. I’ve been watching travel shows like Travelers and Lonely Planet (now: Globe Trekker)  since I was in 3rd grade . From then on, I considered myself as a traveller, writing down what sights to see and food to eat for my future travels.
I said to myself that I will explore the Philippines first then Southeast Asia then Asia then the rest of the world.  At 24, the farthest I’ve been to in the north is Ilocos and Saranggani Province in the south. Further than that, the cable TV has been my window to my homeland confinement.

I’ve never been outside the Philippines. Not even once. But this August 2012, I’ll be flying to Great Britain for a vacation, my first trip out of the country.  

Words cannot describe how I am looking forward  to this foreign land called United Kingdom.

First of Sorts has convened. 

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