Saturday, September 1, 2012

Becoming a National Trust member

National Trust iis a non-governmental UK organization that preserves and protects places, historical ones and green ones and everything in between. They depend on membership fees and donations for their income of their employees.

Most of the places that I want to visit are mostly part of National Trust like Basildon Park, and Stourhead Garden. All because of the 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie. Oh Mr. Darcy! And most members are above 60 years old! I think. Talk about aging quickly.

Anyway, I commenced my membership at Bateman's, the home of Rudyard Kipling, the author of Jungle Book. My mom and Dave paid 25 pounds for, I think, a one-year membership. My membership card will be delivered at their place and I received this swag!

It includes a car sticker, a handbook, a map of Sussex and the whole of UK and some other stuff.

I've been to three National Trust places since I arrived here Monday, August 27.


Bodiam Castle

Sheffield Park

Free entrance to almost 400 places! As if I'll be able to visit every single place. I'll make most of my time here.

I hope that one day, we will have something like this in the Philippines. An organization who will preserve and protect historical places so that we do not have to tear down such beautiful structures to make way for new ones (yuck!). I know it is wishful thinking. I may not to leave to see that day happen. But I am hopeful.

Looking forward to many more National Trust visits! For the meantime, it is really time to visit Banksy!

Later mates!

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