Sunday, November 11, 2012


These past few days were kind of a blur to me.  Some things that were unexpected to happen or should I say, waiting to happen, happened. It was slowly sinking in until last Thursday, news came to me that my highschool ka-barkada is going to be a mother. 

And I was ecstatic! We knew all these years that she was going to be the first to be a mom. My whole barkada was so happy that some of us were actually crying, including me. It was overwhelming. You see, we haven't really seen each other for a long time. Like almost a year or two. We were never complete when we had gatherings and coordinating with them was a big pain in the ass (But thank you Elaine!).  So hearing this good news was really a blessing. It's the first baby of the barkada and I just know the baby will spoiled by us, the whole seven of us titas

To Mads and Carlo, Congratulations!! I could not be any happier for the two of you! 

Ten years bago naging totoo ang hula :D 

To Baby Tols, can't wait to meet you! 

To the rest of my barkada, I'll see you on December!! Let us brave the traffic of Zapote Road and visit our party house back in high school, more importantly, visit Mads and have blastin' Christmas! 

I  miss and love you all!! <3 

Us, some ten++ years ago 

This needs updating^^

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