Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I had two dreams about you. But I dreamt them in one sleeping, two nights ago.

First, we were still "together". We didn't see each other for three day because you went on a retreat. After your retreat, you met up with me. You said you were ready to leave her. And you met up with her. I saw her. You went somewhere, went back to the place where we met, where I was waiting for you. You sat beside her, told her it's over. She leaned her head on you shoulder. You quickly stood up and left the place. 

The place was McDonalds.

The second one, we were in your car. You stopped at some bay and then somebody knocked on your car's window. You lowered the window, and the a fat girl appeared to the picture. She was holding her phone, probably texting her that you were cheating on her. You left the bay, dropped me off a train station after the incident.

The train station was beautiful.  

I am ready to move on. To let go of you. 

I need to rest this tired heart and mind of mine. 

It's time to withdraw. 

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