Thursday, November 28, 2013

Super Duper Tourista

Since yesterday, I've been browsing through my pictures folder. Somehow, I always end up feeling sad and always nostalgic especially when I look back at last year's major event, the United Kingdom trip. I saw that there are still a number of unpublished photos of mine  that I intend to keep from everyone's eyes. 

I like being behind the camera. I like to capture the place and people and things rather the other way around.  Most of my UK photos compose of places and animals and infrastructures and my mum and Dave. I remember I hated it when my mum asks me to pose. It would only result to petty arguments. I just didn't like it. Or it's too Filipino, the "kodakan" thing. (But wait, I am Filipino!) Or I was just too shy to pose while people pass me by. (But I am not a shy person!)

Anyway, here I am, posting all of my "tourista" photos and I can't help but say thank you to my mum for doing the job of taking photos of me with the every tourist-y backdrop imaginable. 

Bodiam Castle
Sheffield Park
St. Leonard's and Hastings

Basildon Park
River Thames Cruise

Westminster Cathedral
Shakespeare's humble abode

With Shakespeare in Stratford-Upon-Avon


Scottish Highlands

Edinburgh Castle



Land's End

St. Ives


Harry Potter Studio Tour

Harry Potter Studio Tour


Buckingham at Night

Picadilly Circus

London Eye

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