Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dear Vitzka

A lot has happened when you were 24. A mixture of bitterness, triumph, excitement, sadness, and disappointment have made up your 24th year on this earth. Nevertheless, it was probably your best year yet.

You've finally finished school! After many years of idling, procrastinating, whining, and fostering the aristocracy of the intellect, it rewarded you. Be proud! Your Lolo Neilo is.

You've gotten out of a relationship that brought out the good and bad in you. It could have been him whom you'll spend the rest of your with. Instead, you had the courage to let go of him in order to let all others in. I know you love him dearly and always will.

You've come to terms that you'll lose some friends but it just made you cherish and strengthen the ties you have with your awesome, open-minded, crazy and loving friends. They have put up with your mood swings, favors, "ka-artehan", and rants. And I know you're very much thankful for them.

You have the best, best mentors in the whole wide world! You are so lucky to be working with them.

No matter how dysfunctional your family is, you adore and love them with all your heart.

You are not a visual person.You like to feel, to touch, to stimulate some level of metaphysical connection. I know, you hold that quote from Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist so dearly. "They don't want to be married to you for a hundred years. They just want to hold your hands." Damn you Beatles!

Your first travel out of the country made a huge impact on you. Who would've thought that it was going to be in United Kingdom! It left a deep mark inside of you and even after leaving it, you were pining for it for months. The places you've visited and the people you've met made it harder for you to get over it. You will be back for sure. Just be patient. You'll see it again and experience warmth despite the cold.

You now actually know what to do with your life. Hold onto that and start making it happen. Now.

Volunteer, inspire, ask, obey, love, accept, listen. Listen again.

You have this mixed emotions about turning 25. Quarter life crisis, perhaps? But remember, 25 is just a number. You'll breeze through it just like 24. Give yourself a pat! And eat cake for breakfast. Happy Birthday Vitzka! 


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  1. Happy birthday deary! Surely you are now mature enough in dealing with life's daily struggles. Im confident that everything is doing good with you nowadays. I know you still have other aspirations, just be patient and God's graces will be upon you in time as long as you do things accordingly. Blessings come in the most unexpected moment so live life with much enthusiasm along with family , friends , mentors and acquaintances. Stay happy and inspired! Lots of love xxxx